About us

Ca Phe (Cafe) Phin was established in 2010, the brainchild of Vietnamese coffee enthusiasts who had long dreamed of opening an authentic Saigon-themed coffee shop right in Houston, Texas. To us and many of our patrons, Cafe Phin is truly a home away from home, where cups of ca phe den da (Vietnamese iced black coffee) or ca phe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk) are prepared and served the same way a traditional coffee stall on the streets of Vietnam prepares and serves them. To others, Cafe Phin is a destination to explore and enjoy the ca phe den da, ca phe sua da, and a variety of coffee & tea beverages in a cozy and meditative atmosphere that will give you a glimpse into the charms of Vietnamese culture.

Today, we remain the first and only authentic Vietnamese coffee house in America, proudly bringing to you the heritage methods of roasting beans, brewing tea, and especially the dripping coffee technique that is the signature of Vietnamese coffee.

Come join us! We hope that you enjoy our drinks and have a most relaxing time at Cafe Phin Houston!